Comprehensive Review and Analysis of SVPWM Technique for CSI and VSI Systems

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Bharat Bhushan Jain
Nandkishor Gupta
Ashish Raj
Sandeep Kumar


Power electronics has seen substantial technical development during the last three decades. Recently, it has been applied in a range of industrial, commercial, residential, and aviation applications. Low-power, high-frequency power electronics that must accommodate switching-mode power supplies on demand and high-power, low-frequency power electronics that must accommodate switching-mode power supplies appear to be polarized in opposite ways. The main goal of this paper is to build SVPWM Model in a systematic manner, use it to compare and contrast Voltage Source Inverters (VSI) and Current Source Inverters (CSI), and apply it to both of these devices. Based on space vector theory, a three-phase VSI and CSI model is developed. The simulation results are found using MATLAB/Simulink for efficiency. Three-phase inverters are suggested for the SVPWM system. In VSI and CSI modulation, this modulation strategy is essential. We'll focus on meticulously developing the SVPWM Model, using it to compare VSI and CSI on a number of variables, such as load parameters, switching frequency, and modulation index.

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Bharat Bhushan Jain, Nandkishor Gupta, Ashish Raj, & Sandeep Kumar. (2022). Comprehensive Review and Analysis of SVPWM Technique for CSI and VSI Systems. International Journal on Recent Technologies in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, 9(3), 81–87.


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