Volume 4 Issues - (July 17 Volume 4 Issue 7)

1. A Brief Overview of Technologies for Implementation in Vehicle Automation  

Authors: Abhishek Deokar, Sambhav Mutha

Page No.: 01 – 06


2. Performance Analysis of Controllers Designed For Delayed Industrial Process  

Authors: Priyanka Singh, Sunil Singh

Page No.: 07 – 12


3. Improved Rectifier Topology for High Power PMSG Variable Speed Wind Turbine  

Authors: Mr. Vipin Sunil Muley, Dr. Hari Kumar Naidu, Mr. Pratic Ghutke

Page No.: 13 - 16


4. Speed Control of Axial Flux BLDC Motor by Using Closed Loop Control for Electric Vehicle  

Authors: Akshay Pillewan, Dr. Hari Kumar Naidu, Prof. Pratik Ghutke

Page No.: 17 - 19


5. A Novel Strategic Approach to Power Quality Improvements using Dynamic Voltage Restorer  

Authors: Shweta Titre, Dr. Harikumar Naidu, Prof. Pratik Ghutke

Page No.: 20 – 24


7. Design and Crash Analysis of Automotive Crush Box  

Authors: M. Vinod Kumar, Vishal S Patil

Page No.: 35 – 41


9. Design of A Low Cost Servo Controlled Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Using the Electronic Control Circuitry  

Authors: Miss. Yogita Manohar Ramteke, Dr. Hari Kumar Naidu

Page No.: 46 – 48


10. Design of Stamping Machine for Use in Industries  

Authors: Mr. Ashish P. Umarkar

Page No.: 49 – 52