Volume 3 Issues - (March 16 Volume 3 Issue 3)

1. Parametric Optimization of Friction Stir welding using Different Tool Profiles: A Review  

Authors: Ahuja Rakesh Nareshbhai, Chirag Lathigra Manojbhai, Patel Purvesh kumar Dilipbhai, Vimal B. Patel

Page No.: 01 – 04


2. Outer Ring SPD Grinding Machine Survey Paper  

Authors: Mrs. Vaijayanti S. Yeole

Page No.: 05 – 07


3. Effect and Optimization of Various Control Parameters of Resistance Spot Welding : A Review  

Authors: Karnil Kekul Shah, Archit Rajeshbhai Suthar, Harsh Morlidhar Shah, Vimal B. Patel

Page No.: 08 – 11


4. FSW Process Constrain to Attain Extreme Tensile Strength of Aluminum Alloy 6061  

Authors: Mahendra G. Rathi, Ram D. Shinde

Page No.: 12 – 17


6. Sheet Metal Forming By Water Hammering Machine: A Review  

Authors: Khatri Nirav Girishchandra, Shah Milan Anjankumar, Patel Milan Girishbhai, Shah Dharini k

Page No.: 22 - 25


7. An attempt to simplify the transient heat transfer simulation of a building facade cavity  

Authors: Suneel. M. P, Vijesh. V. Joshi

Page No.: 26 – 28


8. Effects on properties of Diesel by blending of various Biodiesel blends in it  

Authors: Onkar Vijay Dixit, Dr. Lavendra S. Bothra, Ajinkya Jadhav

Page No.: 29 – 33


9. Integration of Fire Safety System in Domestic Buildings using Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: B. Dheepika, A. Dhivya, MS. J. Rajeswari

Page No.: 34 – 36


10. Vibration Transmissibility Characteristics of Human Hand Arm System Under Different Posture Using Drill Machine  

Authors: Prof. Khemnar Vitthal K., Prof. Kabudke Padmakar D.

Page No.: 37 – 41


11. A review of multiscale methods and their applications in modeling and simulation of engineering problems  

Authors: Hiroki Yamashita, Robert Hart, Tejasvi Sharma, Avik Samanta, Qinghua Wang, Shaoping Xiao, Gregory Tanner, Yan Zhang

Page No.: 42 – 47