Volume 3 Issues - (June 16 Volume 3 Issue 6)

1. Teaching Learning Based Optimization Approach for Product-Mix in a Dairy Industry  

Authors: Prof. K. Venkata Subbaiah, Rayeneni Mounica, Challa Suresh

Page No.: 01 - 04


2. A Review: Numerical Simulation for Solar Chimney by Changing its Radius and Height  

Authors: Nilesh N. Ubhale, Santosh R. Mallah, Dr. Lavendra S. Bothra

Page No.: 05 - 08


3. Improving the Gained Power from Solar Chimney by Changing Radius and Height  

Authors: Nilesh N. Ubhale, Dr. Lavendra S. Bothra, Santosh R Mallah

Page No.: 09 - 18


4. The Research Review on Abrasive Machining  

Authors: K. Siva Prasad, G. Chaitanya

Page No.: 19 - 27


5. Logical Control of Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor  

Authors: Mukesh Kumar Kumawat, Dr. Rajesh kumar Rai

Page No.: 28 - 31


6. Identifying and Studying Various Approaches for Analysis of Crankcase: A state-of-the-art Review  

Authors: Gouthami S. Tulasi, S. M. Jadhao, Ramesh Dandage

Page No.: 32 - 41