Volume 3 Issues - (February 16 Volume 3 Issue 2)

1. Impingement Heat Transfer with array of Multiple air Jets  

Authors: Dr. Niranjan Murthy

Page No.: 01 – 04


2. Maximum Power and Maximum Power Factor Tracking of Grid Connected Wound Rotor Induction Generators  

Authors: Haroon Ashfaq, Mohammad Saood, Ikhlaq Hussain, M.S.Jamil Asghar

Page No.: 05 - 09


3. Synthesis and Characterization of Sic-Mg-Gr Nano Crystalline Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composite and Analyis of Its Machinability Characteristics  

Authors: R. Venkatesh, Dr. N. Arunkumar, Dr. Vaddi Seshagiri Rao, Vincent Basil

Page No.: 010 – 016


4. A Review on: PID Controller  

Authors: Shri Bhagwan, Anil Kumar, J. S. Soni

Page No.: 017 - 022


5. Simulation of grid connected photovoltaic power generation  

Authors: Reeya Pandya, Uday Kumar

Page No.: 023 – 028