Volume 2 Issues - (September 15 Volume 2 Issue 9)

2. Summary on Lean Tools Implementation  

Authors: Kaenat T. Shaikh

Page No.: 016 – 018


3. Optimization of Process Parameters for Reducing Surface Roughness Produced During Single Point Incremental Forming Process  

Authors: Jigar R. Patel, Kaustubh S. Samvatsar, Haresh P. Prajapati, Shyam S. Rangrej

Page No.: 019 – 023


4. Mobile Robot Vision for Object Tracking using Modified SIFT  

Authors: Shivanand J. Upari

Page No.: 024 - 031


5. Design of a Two Stage GPI Controller with Fast Online Algebric Identification Method to a Two Link-SCARA Robot  

Authors: Gantana.Prajwala, Ch.V.N.Raja, Kottala.Kiran Kumar

Page No.: 032 - 036


6. A Review: High Voltage Transmission System  

Authors: Shri Bhagwan

Page No.: 037 - 040


7. A Review: FACTS Devices for Modern Power System  

Authors: Anil Kumar

Page No.: 041 - 043


9. Design and Analysis of Emergency Shut Off Valve by Using Finite Element Analysis  

Authors: Dhanashree D. Ambekar, Dr. S. G. Taji, Vinaay G. Patil

Page No.: 049 - 053


10. Design and Analysis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Rotors  

Authors: MD. Saddam Hussen, Dr. K. Rambabu, M. Ramji, E. Srinivas

Page No.: 054 - 062


11. Reduction of Ripple in SEPIC DC-DC Converter with PMDC Motor  

Authors: Dr S.A.Elankurisil, Dr J.Baskaran

Page No.: 063 - 067