Volume 2 Issues - (October 15 Volume 2 Issue 10)

1. Design and Analysis of Induction Machine based on Internal Parameter  

Authors: Narendra Kumar Danda, Ch.V.N.Raja, P. Ananthababu

Page No.: 001 - 004


2. Static Analysis of Coal Bunker and Validation of the Results using STAAD PRO  

Authors: Gauri Dilip Ambekar, Prof. Kiran Narkar

Page No.: 005 - 009


4. Stress Analysis of Polycarbonate Spur Gears for Sugarcane Juice Machine Using FEA  

Authors: Mr. Samadhan M. Lande, Prof. Dr.A.D.Desai, Prof. A.B.Verma, Prof. A.V.Gaur

Page No.: 014 - 019


6. Power Quality Enhancement in a Transmission Line using UPFC based on Fuzzy Logic Controller  

Authors: Chandana.D, Dr. G. V. Marutheswar

Page No.: 027 - 031


7. Optimization of Concentric Pipe Heat Exchanger as Per Asme Code using Finite Element Analysis  

Authors: Pankaj D. Lad, Dr. Prof. Santosh G. Taji, Prof. Baban B. Londhe, Vinay S. Patil

Page No.: 032 - 038


8. Capacitive Humidity Sensor–Design and Its Application in Measurement Science  

Authors: Meraj Ahmad, Shimi S.L.

Page No.: 039 - 041


9. Transient Stability Enhancement with Application of FACTS Devices  

Authors: Joel.R. Sutter, John.N. Nderu, Christopher M. Muriithi

Page No.: 042 - 046


10. Gesture and Stability Control of A Quadcopter Using 3-Axis Accelerometer  

Authors: M.Premkumar, Dr.T.R.Sumithira, D.Sathishkumar, A.Mohamed Ibrahim

Page No.: 047 - 050


11. Finite Element Analysis of Blower Impeller with Different Materials by ANSYS and CFD  

Authors: B. Keerthi priya, M. S. Ramalakshmi, K. Mohan Krishna

Page No.: 051 - 054


13. Design, Control and Simulation of Buck Converter using PID controller and Reference Regulator Technique  

Authors: M. Dinesh, K. R. Venkatesan, Dr. J. Baskaran

Page No.: 058 - 062


14. A Review: Design Parameters of Dental Implants to Reduce Stresses Around Implant- Bone Interface  

Authors: Mr. Durvesh Jitendra Thakur, Prof. T.Z.Quazi, Prof. Pankaj N. Dhatrak

Page No.: 063 - 066


15. Semi-Autonomous Coconut Harvesting Robot  

Authors: B.Lalitha, B.Aswinth Raj, K.Shiyam Parthiabn, R.B.Praveen, K.Vignesh

Page No.: 067 - 071


16. Design and Simulation of Multi Stage Fly Back Photo Voltaic Conversion System  

Authors: N.Manimaran, A. Prakasam, C. Kathiravan, J. Madhavan

Page No.: 072 - 076