Volume 2 Issues - (November 15 Volume 2 Issue 11)

1. Fuel Cut-Off System for Vehicle Safety  

Authors: Harshraj Jadhav, Prathamesh Ghankutkar, Prof. Pratik More, Sangam Korade

Page No.: 001 - 003


2. 5 'S' Implementation for Productivity Improvement and Defect Reduction at Small Scale Industry  

Authors: Mr. Manojkumar P. Yadav, Dr. Arunkumar

Page No.: 004 - 009


3. ANN Based Age Estimation of In-Service Transformer Oil Samples  

Authors: Mohammad Aslam Ansari, Mrs. S.L.Shimi

Page No.: 010 - 013


4. Analysis and Performance of Grid/PV Hybrid Power System Based Fuzzy Logic Controller  

Authors: P.Rajivgandhi, K.R.Venkatesan, S.Devaraj, B.Anandan

Page No.: 014 - 020


5. Performance Analysis and Investigation of Emissions of C.I. Engine Using Biodiesel and Its Blends  

Authors: Mr. G. G. Naik, Dr. R. S. Jahagirdar, Prof. A. V. Kulkarni

Page No.: 021 ā€“ 024


6. Control of Irrigation System Using GSM Technology  

Authors: R.Revathi, G.Lokeshwari, V.Priyadarshini, R.Nivetha

Page No.: 025 - 028