Volume 2 Issues - (May 15 Volume 2 Issue 5 )

1. Automatic Pesticides Mixing and Spraying Robot  

Authors: Jyotsna Pansare, Tanuja Nale, Surabhi Khonde, Mrs. S.M. Shaikh

Page No.: 001 – 006


2. Motorised Car Jack  

Authors: Chaitanya Shahane, Swapnil Kadam, Samiullah Ahmed Khan, Sanchit Raikar, Prof. Madan Jagtap

Page No.: 007 - 013


4. Finite Element Analysis of Hydraulic Press Machine  

Authors: Umesh S Badakundri, Santosh Kullur, Prof. A.A.Kulkarni

Page No.: 018 - 024


5. A Review on Improvement of Power Quality Using a Facts Device- DSTATCOM  

Authors: Pawan S. Mane, Vaibhav V. Kolekar, Vishvanath S. Doijad

Page No.: 025 - 028


6. Design and Thermal Stress Analysis of Welding Fixture of a Brake Pedal  

Authors: Kalpesh Khetani,Jafar Shah, Vishal Patel, Chintan Prajapati, Rohit V. Bhaskar

Page No.: 029 - 032


7. Static Analysis of Pressure Vessel for Verifing the Requirement of Expansion Joint  

Authors: Harshal R.Aher, Dr.Thakur A. G., Vinaay Patil

Page No.: 033 - 036


10. Impact of Wind Electric Generator on Power Quality  

Authors: Vaishali Kuralkar

Page No.: 048 – 051


12. Lubricating Oil Analysis - A Review  

Authors: Mr.Sagar Khatavkar, Mr.Mandar Jagtap, Prof.T.Z.Quazi

Page No.: 056 - 058


13. Design and Analysis of C Frame for Hydraulic Press  

Authors: Rucha.S.Khisti, Abhijeet.V.Pawar, Manoj.M.Budhi, Shriganesh.K.Mangalvedhe, Mandar.V.Padman

Page No.: 059 - 062


14. A Nine-Switch Power Conditioner for Power & Voltage Profile Improvement  

Authors: Mr. Vaibhav Kolekar, Prof. H. B. Chaudhari

Page No.: 063 - 067


15. Experimental and FEA Analysis of Aluminium Alloys for TIG Welding  

Authors: Sunil Meghappa Pawar, Prof. Vivek V. Kulkarni

Page No.: 068 - 071


17. Friction Stir Welding of AA6082 Aluminium alloy A state-of-the-art Review  

Authors: Saket D. Borse, Dr. Adinath V. Damale

Page No.: 080 - 089


18. Literature Review on Weight Optimization of Pressure Relief Valve for Emergency Relief Operation  

Authors: Kukade Vaibhav, Jadhav S.G., Patil V.G.

Page No.: 090 - 092


19. Detection and Classification of Liver Cancer using CT Images  

Authors: Abhay Krishan, Deepti Mittal

Page No.: 093 - 098


20. Effect of Root radii on Stress analysis of Involute Spur Gear under Static Loading  

Authors: Sarfraz Ali N. Quadri, Dhananjay R. Dolas

Page No.: 099 – 103


21. Feature Extraction Techniques in Speaker Recognition: A Review  

Authors: S.B.Dhonde, S.M.Jagade

Page No.: 104 - 106


22. Design and Fabrication of Automatic Board Eraser  

Authors: Pankaj D. Vatare, Sachin P. Arote, Vaijinath V. Borhade, Yogesh K. Gagada

Page No.: 107 - 109


23. Ergonomics Study of Automobile Assembly Line  

Authors: Srikanth P Chakravarthy, Subbaiah.K.M, Shekar. G.L

Page No.: 110 - 114


24. Improvement in Material Handling Equipment-An Ergonomic Case Study  

Authors: Rajesh A S, Dr. Subbaiah K M, Mohammed Ismail

Page No.: 115 - 117