Volume 2 Issues - (March 15 Volume 2 Issue 3 )

2. A Review Paper on Techniques and Manufacturing Methods of 3D Printed Loudspeaker  

Authors: Nikhil Kulkarni, Ramesh S, Sujan Chakraborty, Anusha Ramesh

Page No.: 08 - 18


3. Modeling and Analysis of Non-Pneumatic Tyres with Hexagonal Honeycomb Spokes  

Authors: Vinay T V , Kuriakose J Marattukalam, Sachu Zachariah Varghese, Shibin Samuel, Sooraj Sreekumar

Page No.: 19 - 24


4. Power Quality Improvement For Critical/Unbalanced Loads Using UPQC  

Authors: Keerti Kulkarni, Vinay Janardhan Shetty

Page No.: 25 - 29


5. Analysis of Machining Environment on Performance of Turning Process For Al 6063  

Authors: S.G. Dambhare S.K. Joshi M.M. Bhuskute R.R. Digge T.J. Gadakh

Page No.: 30 - 35


6. DFIG Based Wind Energy Conversion System for Seamless Operation During Grid Faults  

Authors: J.Tinu Jeffy Binoj, R.Rajasekaran

Page No.: 36 - 45


8. Review on Fir-Tree Joint of Turbine Disc In Aero Engine  

Authors: Vijay A. Gaikwad, Pravin Lohote

Page No.: 50 - 52


10. Design and Analsis of Car Bumper By Varying Materials and Speeds  

Authors: M. Anil Kumar N. Phani Raja Rao

Page No.: 56 - 61


11. Design & Optimization of a Small Wind Turbine Blade for Operation at Low Wind Speed  

Authors: Mr. Manoj Kumar Chaudhary, Dr. Anindita Roy

Page No.: 62 - 73


13. Wind Energy Harvesting From Flapping Leaf Generator  

Authors: Dr. P. Maniiarasan, Karthikeyan V, Bharath Kumar M R

Page No.: 77 - 80


14. Mechanical and Electrical safeguards in Belt Conveyor systems  

Authors: Dr. Shyamal Dey

Page No.: 81 - 91