Volume 2 Issues - (June Volume Volume 2 Issue 6 )

1. Design and Fabrication of Onion Seed Sowing Machine  

Authors: Nilesh N. Jadhav, Harshal R. Aher, Amol P. Ghode

Page No.: 001 - 010


2. Implementation of 8-bit Soft-Core using VHDL  

Authors: Mr. Nilesh N Jadhav, Prof. Sebastian George

Page No.: 011 - 014


4. Reduction of Nozzle Tip Breakage in Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles using Problem Solving Approach  

Authors: Nandana P, M.Mohan Ram, Raghuveer Prasad

Page No.: 017 - 020


5. Engine Wear Analysis by Rotating Disc Electrode Optical Emission Spectroscopy (RDEOES)  

Authors: Prof.T.Z.Quazi, Mr.Sagar Khatavkar

Page No.: 021 - 024


6. Comparative Study of Researches Published in the Past Decade on Short Term Load Forecasting  

Authors: Aditi Sharma, Prof. Pragati Gupta

Page No.: 025 - 031


7. Finite Element Analysis of Composite Laminate By Using ABDH Matrix(Stiffness Matrix)  

Authors: Nikhil J. Chaudhari, A.S. Rao, Vinaay Patil

Page No.: 032 - 036


8. Application of Six Sigma Method to Reduce Defects in Green Sand Casting Process: A Case Study  

Authors: Suraj Dhondiram Patil, M M Ganganallimath, Roopa B Math, Yamanappa Karigar

Page No.: 037 - 042


9. Reduction of Hub Diameter Variation In High Pressure Pump Cylinder Head by using Shainin Problem Solving Technique  

Authors: Shashikumar S, M S Sham Prasad, Raghuveer Prasad

Page No.: 043 - 047


11. Advance Safety In Two Wheeler  

Authors: Sagar D. Aher, Rameshwar G. Somawanshi, Avinash N. Nimbalkar, Dadasaheb N. Pawar

Page No.: 054 - 056


12. Preventive Maintenance and Cost Benefit Analysis of Splicing Machine  

Authors: Naveen Kumar K L, M.S Sham Prasad

Page No.: 057 - 063


13. Bulb turbine – A review  

Authors: Mr. Madan M. Jagtap, Dr. Bipin Bihari Shrivastava

Page No.: 064 – 067


14. Strategic Purchasing Technique to Manage Indian Organisations  

Authors: A. Sushil S Mishra, B. Niyati Raut

Page No.: 068 – 076


15. Kannada Handwritten Numerals Recognition and Translation Using Template Matching  

Authors: Shivanand Killedar, Satish Deshapande

Page No.: 077 – 080


16. Structural Analysis of Castellated Beam  

Authors: Ajim S. Shaikh, Harshal R. Aher

Page No.: 081 – 084


17. Forward Kinematic Analysis of Six-Axis Articulated Industrial Robotic Arm  

Authors: Niranjan R. Upasani, A.S. Rao

Page No.: 085 - 090


18. Structural Analysis of Front Suspension Lower Control Arm for Material Optimization – Fem Approach  

Authors: Santosh Kullur, Dr. S.N.Kurbet, Vishwanath Hugar, Somappa Gudageri

Page No.: 091 - 095


20. Optimization of Tubesheet Thickness of Triple Concentric Pipe Heat Exchanger using ASME codes  

Authors: Somankar Vikas, Tembhare G.U., Patil V.G.

Page No.: 101 - 106


21. Investigation and Development of Tribological Behavior of PEEK and PEEK Composites  

Authors: Mr. Mankar N.A.,Prof. Rijumon K., Prof. Karandikar P.M, Prof.. Kadu R.L.

Page No.: 107 - 111


23. Methods for Waste Plastic Recycling  

Authors: Mr.Mandar Dnyaneshwar Jagtap, Mr. Sagar Suryakant Khatavkar, Prof.T.Z.Quazi

Page No.: 120 - 122