Volume 2 Issues - (August 15 Volume 2 Issue 8)

1. under publication process  

Authors: under publication process

Page No.: 01 - 04


2. Development of a Frame Work for Continuous Improvement for Small Scale Manufacturing Industries: A Review  

Authors: Miss. Vidya A. Telrandhe, Dr. Vinod S. Gorantiwar

Page No.: 05 - 11


3. Vibration Analysis for Two Wheeler Gearbox Casing using FEA  

Authors: Sagar Pradip Walhekar, Prof. R. R. Kharde

Page No.: 12 - 15


5. Mechanised TIG Welding Gives Consistent Bead Geometry, A Case Study  

Authors: Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Vidyut Dey, Ram Naresh Rai

Page No.: 31 - 35


6. Experimental Analysis of Fork type Semi-Automated Weeding Machine in Paddy Field  

Authors: K Sripriyan, K Anantharuban

Page No.: 36 - 40


7. Investigation on the effect of Fused Deposition Modeling Process Parameters on Flexural and Surface Roughness properties of PC-ABS blend  

Authors: S. Manikandan, A.S. Seshan Kumar, C. Sharma, V. Prabhu Raja, A. Adhiyamaan

Page No.: 41 - 47


8. Maximium Velocity that a Vehicle can Attain without Skidding and Toppling While Taking a turn  

Authors: Tapas Debnath, Siddhartha Kar, Dr. Vidyut Dey, Kishan Choudhuri

Page No.: 48 - 54


10. Effects of tool rotation speed and tilt angle on friction stir welding of Al- 6075  

Authors: Pankaj Sharma, Deepak Bhati

Page No.: 60 - 62


11. Experimental Studies On Spherical Capsule By Using Different Fin Geometry  

Authors: A. V. Krishna Chaitanya, E. Siva Reddy, R. Meenakshi Reddy

Page No.: 63 - 67


12. Investigation of Machining Behavior of Metal Matrix Composite: A Review  

Authors: Ajay R. Bhardwaj, Dr. A M. Vaidya, M V. Rawlani

Page No.: 68 - 70


14. Calculative Analysis of 11KV Urban Distribution Feeder  

Authors: Ritula Thakur, Puneet Chawla

Page No.: 74 - 84


15. A Comparative Study of Aluminium Alloy and Titanium Alloy  

Authors: Mohan Raju S., Dr. S. Krishna, Dr. C. M. Ramesh

Page No.: 85 - 88