Volume 2 Issues - (April 15 Volume 2 Issue 4 )

1. P-D-C-A Cycle As TQM Tool-Continuous Improvement of Warranty  

Authors: Mr. Madan M. Jagtap, Prof. S.N. Teli

Page No.: 01 - 05


2. “Design and Fabrication of Multi operational Wood Working Machine”  

Authors: Pratik P Bargode, Samir M Dhadve, Ajinkya K Gosavi, Harshal S Indulkar, Mangesh S Prabhavalkar

Page No.: 06 - 08


3. Design and Performance Analysis of Arithmetic Circuits using Hybrid CMOS Logic and GDI Based Full Adder  

Authors: S. Archana, Mamatha G. M, Ravi V. Angadi, Gopinath K.

Page No.: 09 - 013


4. Energy Conservation in a Small Scale Industry(A case study)  

Authors: Poornima Rao

Page No.: 014 - 015


5. Energy Audit of Township (Common Utility)  

Authors: Vishakha Ranaware, Suhas Karande, Kishan Yeole, V. P.Kuralkar

Page No.: 016 - 018


6. Design and Analysis of a Impact Plate  

Authors: Aniket Anantrao Deshmukh, Kartik Balasaheb Datir, Akash Pandit Bhamare, Chandrakant Prakash Chaudhari, Ramesh B. Bhandare.

Page No.: 019 - 022


7. Power Flow Control by IPFC (Interline Power Flow Controller)  

Authors: Keerti Kulkarni

Page No.: 023 - 025


8. Productivity Improvement of TORNOS Sigma 20II-A Case Study  

Authors: Dr.Mahesh M.Bhagwat, D. K. Desale, S. M. Khatib, A. E. Ganu, S. S. Avaghade

Page No.: 026 - 028


9. Wireless Automatic Plant Irrigation System  

Authors: Vinay Bakale, Siddesh Talokar

Page No.: 029 - 033


10. Design of Flexible Length Blade to Improve the Performance of The Wind Turbine  

Authors: Ms. Shruti Dhone, Dr. Anindita Roy

Page No.: 034 - 037


11. Garden Monitoring and Theft Protection  

Authors: Sandesh Sonawane,Sayali Pansare ,Arati Manchekar, Rahul Shinde

Page No.: 038 - 041


12. Plate Type Electrostatic Precipitator Essentials & Issues for Optimising Overall Efficiency  

Authors: Madan Jagtap, Shashikant Vhatkar, Komal Solanki, Chetan Tibe

Page No.: 042 - 045


13. Dynamic Analysis of a cylindrical cam and Follower using Finite Element Analysis  

Authors: Ramadhas R, Boopathi sabareesh V, Dineshkumar R

Page No.: 046 - 053


14. Effect of Forces over Friction Stir Welding Parameters during FSW Process  

Authors: Kunalsinh R. Kathia

Page No.: 054 - 057


15. How Profitable are Wind Turbine Projects? An Empirical Analysis of a 3.5 MW Wind Farm In Ireland  

Authors: Tony Kealy, Dr M Barrett/Dr D Kearney

Page No.: 058 - 063


17. Steam Turbocharging  

Authors: Abhijith P, Akhilesh Rajan, Cyril Soji Thomas, Kevin George Jacob

Page No.: 072 - 076