Volume 1 Issues - (October 14 Volume 1 Issue 3)

1. Finite Element Analysis of Brake Disc of Motorcycle  

Authors: Mr. Nilesh R. Farande, Mr. Chetan D. Patil, Prof. R. D. Patil.

Page No.: 001 - 004


2. Vibration Analysis Of Glass Epoxy Composite Plate With Variable No. Of Layers  

Authors: . Mr. Chetan D. Patil, Mr. Nilesh R. Farande, Prof. R. D. Patil.

Page No.: 005 - 007


3. MIMO Based Transceiver System for Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Surveillance In War Field  

Authors: M. Praveen Kumar, Dr. G. K. D. Prasanna Venkatesan

Page No.: 008 - 011


4. Transmissibility Analysis of a Car Driver’s Seat Suspension System with an Air Bellow Type Damper  

Authors: Ashish Parekh, Prof. S.B.Kumbhar, Dr. S.G.Joshi

Page No.: 012 - 019


5. Design and Tuning of PID Controller for an Autonomous Power System Using Automatic Voltage Regulator  

Authors: Y.Narendra Kumar, G.Naveen Kumar, K.Srinu, M.Lakshmi Sairam, M.Mohan

Page No.: 020 - 023